Selector Mod on

Toyota Aurion Automatic Gearbox

What this mod about, is to change gear faster by altering the + and - in the manual select (S)

The final product you can now pull backward to select the upshifted gear instead of the factory upshift of pushing forward.

The same apply for pushing forward to select the downshiflting gear, instead of the factory downshift of pulling backward.

1./ First lift centre console up and disconnect wiring.

2./ Next remove rear air duct picture below.

un-clip the plastic clip where my thumb and fore finger are, lift up and out of centre console.

Lifting plastic rear air duct out by turn side way.

This what it look like once plastic rear air duct is removed.

3./ Need to located the 8 pin plug at rear of Automatic selector and un-plug..

4./ Next remove the rear part of wiring loom from plastic holder, this we give you enough wiring loom  to alter the wires before the 8 pin plug .

5./ Next remove plastic air duct out of the way and remove wiring loom for plastic clip beside Automatic selector, this we give you more wiring loom to make this alteration even more accessible.

6./ Next we need to cut and alter the wiring before the 8 pin plug between the Blue/Silver Pin1 and Green/Silver Pin 2, we need to swap the wires around.
      separate the black plastic sleeve first , this cover the wires before the plug, so you can access the area where to cut and alter the wiring.

7./ The finished product the cable are wrap back in the plastic sleeve to made is a stealth installation.

8./ Testing turn ignition on and (select manual shift) and check  the manual shift, the - should now be upshifting  and the + shift should now be downshifting.

Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!1

9./ Here the wiring diagram of this mod.